10 Things For Faster Injury Recovery

The fabulous Donna Moench NTP, LMT, COTA who works with the University of Texas sports teams joins Jeanne Wisniewski NTP, CFT, BS to discuss nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle that improve recovery time for sport's injuries. If you are interested in the products mentioned in this video, please click on the supplements link.

How to Recover Faster!!

Omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, proteolytic enzymes!!

Specific supplements and nutrition can help reduce the risk of injury as well as speed the recovery time for actual injuries. Learn from Donna Moench NTP, LMT, COTA as she teaches us the best natural methods to help the body heal itself!


Unfortunately when we are active injuries occur. Thankfully the body has an amazing process to heal itself, and with proper lifestyle and nutritional support we can help speed our bodies ability to heal itself.

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