Individual Sessions


So many of my clients are looking for weight loss... however, weight loss that is sustainable is a side effect of improving your health with nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices.

Everyone is a bio-individual, so let’s work together to get to the root cause of your specific health concerns.

Functional Evaluation

Includes 6 appointments.

  1. Clients will complete all paperwork 3 days prior to this 45 minute appointment to discuss medical history, health goals, Nutri-Q results, and 3 day food journal.

  2. After an assessment of the proceeding paperwork, clients will experience a hands-on evaluation with palpations of neurolymphatic reflexes, neuromuscular reflexes, and nutritional reflexes. The functional evaluation also includes lingual-neuro testing. (2 Hours)

    1. What to wear - Please wear comfortable clothing for the functional evaluation. Avoid belts, zippers, heavy seams, or overly baggy clothing. Workout clothing is ideal.

    2. What to bring - Please bring all supplements and vitamins you take on a regular basis, and a list of your prescription medications

  3. Four follow up appointments typically every two weeks The client will be instructed how to implement their personalized plan to achieve their nutritional goals.  You will discover how to support yourself during your transition to balancing your body's possible deficiencies and implementing your lifestyle transitions. (30 minutes each)


Consultation Calls

When you don't live in Austin, or if you have an extremely busy schedule I will work with clients virtually with the online platform Zoom.

$100 per hour

Exercise Plan

A written personalized  month long plan of your fitness goals and how to achieve them including frequency, intensity, time, and type of exercises.


1 on 1 Fitness Training

A personalized plan to obtain your fitness goals as well as oversight and accountability in the execution.

$100 (1 hour)